The show of strength on your skin; Stretch marks.

Stretch marks, zebra stripes or whatever you would call them are one of the insecurities women and even men have today in the light of the perfect bar the media has set for us all to scale. Well, guess what? It's okay to be a sprinter, ballerina etc and not a high jumper.


The problem with perception: It.

This post was supposed to be the one of joy, but something has been bothering me so what better thing to do than let my virtual family know about it. Some people think I’m a phony because of it. 'It':

Emotions for Borrow?

How does one deal with abject loss after years of lavish excess? How does one deal with no feeling after living their entire life in hyper awareness of their emotion?

The girl with the burning car.

Yet again another one of my clinic tales, is 'the girl with the burning car'...So it was clinic and we were all gathered in the room waiting for the doctor to come so that we could start seeing patients.At this particular time though, the doctor was running late and what better way for medical students to spend their 'free' time than study their way to malnourishment or discuss medical topics to the final period. It at least started that way with the others (they fell into the second category, discussions) and then segued into a myriad of things... Cue in my 'girl with the burning car' Featured image by mripp. (available under CC-BY-2.0)

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