Life is a journey, but nobody said how beautiful or ugly, bumpy or smooth it is. Nobody said it because nobody can. Nobody said it because nobody has the power to.

Nobody can determine the nature of your journey but you. So, ask me how beautiful your life is? or how beautiful it can be? and I’ll ask you ‘How beautiful do you see it? How beautiful do you want it to be?’ because even if I tell you you have a splendid house, a beautiful talent, an amazing smile, a beautiful heart and an adventurous soul. Because even if I tell you that all things that happen from this moment will be good and good alone, if you don’t believe it, If you don’t accept it, If you don’t determine it, it will never happen.

Yclept (/ɪˈklɛpt/). Ineffable (/ɪnˈɛfəb(ə)l/) is a blend of art, lifestyle, and sincerely, whatever pops up here. But everything, is geared towards letting you know that you are capable, you are possible, you are uniquely beautiful and you’ve got it going great for you. Yeah, I said great. Irrespective of the terrors and the nightmares, there’s a greatness you are achieving with every little fear-stricken, bone-chilling step you take. Because it takes strength and courage to take those steps in your life, to bear that pain that you do, and, other people can’t withstand what you’re going through and that’s the reason you have your life and not theirs. Because you are strong. You are capable.

Yclept Ineffable is about inspiring you to take that first step; to have the courage to smile. Yclept Ineffable tells you that it’s okay to feel scared because similar to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s quote, If your life and some things in your life do not scare you, then it isn’t big enough or rather, you are not seeing it in its fullness and you aren’t taking any steps forward.

You might say;

“What if I fall?

Oh but my darling, what if you fly?                            (Erin Hanson)


I can tell you you will be great, but only you can determine how little or how much.

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