The show of strength on your skin; Stretch marks.


Stretch marks, zebra stripes or whatever you would call them are one of the insecurities women and even men have today in the light of the perfect bar the media has set for us all to scale. Well, guess what? It’s okay to be a sprinter, ballerina etc and not a high jumper.
Stretch marks are signs of a battle fought that the world would never understand, and thus may not appreciate enough to deem beautiful.
Stretch marks are signs of a battle fought that no one but your body knew of, so excuse our ignorance of your battle scars. The way they’re gotten alone should be worthy of respect; formed when the connective tissue of the skin is stretched beyond the limits of its elasticity.
When you look at your stretch marks (if you have them) or anyone else’s, I want you to remember that they are a sign of your skin stretching beyond its limit but still being strong enough to keep from splitting open and spilling blood.

Again, excuse us for our ignorance when we frown upon it or exclude such symbol of strength as not up to our beauty standards, but remember that those scars were at the expense of something natural and something beautiful that the world is too busy scaling beauty bars to remember.
They most likely were:

•the sacrifice of a chubby sweetheart laying in a cot somewhere,

•A reminder of a successful weight loss journey,

•Or weight gain that you longed for or didn’t know creeped up on you all those months you fought the emotional battle of losing a significant other, friend, or yourself in work.

•Or just part of the journey of puberty

•Or muscle gain.

•Or gain of womanly curves.

Like I said, we ignorant folks will probably never know the battle you fought that your stretchmarks evidence and pledge allegiance to, but you know. You know. And you’re not alone.

Writing this post and requesting for pictures of stretch marks to use, I realised a lot more people than we think have these battle scars (myself included). So honey you’ve got an army behind you. Fellow warriors of their own right.

And if you are a male reading this, men have them too. Skin is skin.
Last year at a friend’s birthday, someone said ‘only you can make your stretch marks beautiful’. And I agree 100%. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so whoever can behold something as beautiful, truly holds the beauty of that thing. Beauty belongs to nobody but the person that can see it. Others that can’t see the beauty in it won’t deem it beautiful.
So what’s the first step to seeing those scars as beautiful? Remembering the battles they stand for.
Meme ❤


*Poetry: ‘Damaged’ by Susan O’Reilly, sourced from ‘Hello & Poetry’


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