My Caribbean New Year… #TravelTips





On new year’s, I had the privilege of going to the ‘Lake Mainstay Resort’ in Essequibo, Guyana. And, today’s post is centred around that with the main focus on travel tips for those planning on traveling in the summer to a Caribbean country or, anywhere really (some tips are more generalised than others). Continue reading for the juice, lol.


P.S: more pictures and a surprise soca song somewhere… Oh! and the tips are in no particular order.





Tip #1: Do not forget your sweater!

Most times when people travel to hot countries, they remember to bring their sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellant but forget a sweater. Well, in the Caribbean, there ARE cold mornings and even colder evenings, especially if you’re staying on a beach or by the ocean. So, when you’re packing the sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen, please pack a light sweater and don’t forget your insect repellant too.


Tip #2: Travel light.

It is more convenient, less stressful and will save you the extra-luggage fee. Need I say more? (Hint: One thing I do when travelling is wear my heaviest clothes or layer on my clothes in order to reduce the weight of my luggage)


Tip #3: Roll your clothes.

Sometimes when packing, clothes take up less space when you roll them up firmly. So one tip is to check the regular folding style and the roll, compare, and choose the wiser option.


(image from pinterest)

Tip #4: Pick-n-choose

When it comes to accommodation, in order to save cost, you can;

  • Stay at a fairly pricey resort/hotel/place for the sights and fun activities and eat where the locals eat or, get a room with a small kitchenette where you can cook your own foods.
  • Stay in a cheaper place or with family/ friends, but then go to the more expensive places just for their fun activities or to take pictures.
  • Look for package deals,discounts and freebies! An example is options where your payment is inclusive of meals or 2 beds in a room for cheaper where you could just travel with a friend/(s) to help split the cost.


Tip #5: Beware of tourists-targeted shops!

Do not buy the cultural artifacts from small shops on the road side or those dedicated to tourists… you’ll cut your throat (those shops are usually more expensive). Go to the main market instead or ask a local.


Tip #6: Walk with a local, if you know any.

This is for when you go shopping in the market. Sometimes, when the sellers hear your accent, the price magically goes up. But if it’s a local, who knows? you might get to haggle down to something cheaper. Plus the locals know how to spot a knock-off.


Tip #7: Shots and cards are important.

It’s advisable to find out the endemics for your desired destination country and get the necessary shots for any diseases that you can be vaccinated for. Nobody wants to fall ill during a vacation. It is also advisable to walk with some type of medical card e.g. Yellow card. Sometimes they request it at the airport, especially from foreigners.


Tip #8: Use public transport.

Different countries have their various transportation systems, and anything ‘public’ is usually cheaper. Just be sure to keep your eyes open and have a firm grip on your purse or wallet, and mind back seats of buses (Refer to the first time I met an exhibitionist). Safety is always key! Hint: If you’re wearing socks, you could keep some money in your sock even when you’re with your credit card – just in case. Plus, I wouldn’t advise walking around with your passport.


Tip #9: Travel at the right time!

Timing can make so much difference in a vacation. Every place has their more festive seasons where there are loads of fun activities to do, carnivals to take part in, and concerts to attend. And, sometimes weekly activities and freebies/discounts e.g #Tacotuesdays. Find out these things and possibly book hotels that are fairly close to all of these happening places (in order to save cost on transportation), and book the flights way before hand (more savings on transportation).









Hopefully, you found the tips somewhat helpful. See you in the next blog!


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