If it looks like a Duck

Okay so getting right into it, I have come to realise that sometimes, the information being sent by somebody else is not always the information we receive. This is because sometimes, we choose to hear what we want to hear or what our subconscious wants to hear, and, sometimes we choose to see what we/ subconscious want to see. In the same vein, sometimes, we also choose to believe what we/ subconscious want to believe. And, most times, this is due to the fear of the possibility that the alternative might be true. Other times, it is due to the fact that we have these fantasies in our heads. We have these dreams and images and visions of how everything is or, how it’s supposed to be (which may in fact, be far from the reality) and thus, we receive (hear, see, believe, perceive) things in that tainted light. So everything adds up in our heads, or fits in. For example, think of a picture in your mind as a photograph with normal setting, lighting and everything. Emotions tend to filter images in our heads. Emotions can darken or brighten the pictures in our minds. Emotions change the settings of the images/ data and feed the edited images to our minds. If it’s a good emotion, let’s say love or happiness, our subconscious obviously wants to maintain this good feeling, so every questioning character is shadowed or cropped out. So, we have the perfect image from a far from perfect message. Sometimes, it can be inner fears or past hurts that taint every ‘good-deed image’ into one where we think they want something from us in return. Emotions alter mind images.Sometimes, the editing is in the form of adding extra meaning to things. Β An example is, If I’m upset and then hear some people chuckling and whispering to themselves, right away I may think I’m the one they’re laughing at and may get even more upset.

It could also be because of fear of what people would think? Point is, a myriad of things can cause these edits.

The downside however to this is that, when the haze finally clears out and the chips fall, we accuse the other party involved of lying to us, or betraying us, or deceiving us. And, it might have never been like that. Yes, the person might have done all of those. But, what if they never lied? What if we just chose to ignore them and ignore the signs? What if we chose to believe what we wanted to believe? What if we hijacked a dream of 2 and turned it into our own (singular) dream, fitting everything in our heads and ignoring the things that didn’t fit?

Something I have learnt is that; I have no complete right to a dream/ vision that belongs to more than just me. I can’t change stuff or imagine it all just in my head because it does not belong to me alone. So, I have to see from a common eye – our; my and the other party’s eyes. The common ground. What we both want.

There is a danger to ignoring the reality of a situation for a fantastical world of wonder in our minds, because we always end up with the short end of the straw when the day finally dawns. It’s just like choosing to ignore the smell of burning wire because we don’t want to be the ones the neighbours chatter about or because we refuse to be the ones with the fault (or whatever reason). Eventually, the house will burn. And guess who lives there? We.

This post is not to scare you or anything like that, it’s more of an awakening to confirm messages we get from people. Try to see what they are really saying, and figure out our stand with them. Figure out the playing field. And the best way to do this is to simply ask them. We may feel like we’ve been blindsided by something. Like it came out of the blue, but in actuality, it’s been staring us in the face for the past decade.

So, if it looks like a duck, look again. Question it. Don’t conclude yet.

If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

But if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck – It doesn’t matter if it’s in stilettos or a tie, or dressed like little red riding hood (like our cover picture), It IS a duck. It might be a little duck, big duck, blue duck, yellow duck… the point is, it’s a duck.

And want to know what’s funny? The sneaky little bastard might have been smiling and quacking in our faces, waddling about, knowing fully well what it was and taking advantage of our rose coloured shades.

(P.S: The duck is representative of anything, could be good, could be bad. The last part there was just contributed by the slightly cynical part of me.)

Don’t ignore signs. The world you live in is down here, not in the clouds. Know what is going on around you. Be aware of the times.


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