Attraction (Flowers-in-bloom II)

Today we are going to be talking about the second and final part of the flowers-in-bloom series; Attraction.

Google defines attraction as the power of evoking interest or liking for somebody or something. Thus, attraction is triggered by something or some sort of attribute. Attraction ISΒ evoked.

Remember when we talked about how different flowers symbolise different things and how we can change what we stand for? Well, if you do your research, you’ll find out that somehow, different flowers attract different insects/ birds for pollination.

That right there is something we can learn from. Sometimes, we are so focused on attracting the right kind of things or people or getting the job or, whatever it is. However, we fail to do the very basic thing to attract these things, which is; to grow into ourselves. To prepare ourselves for the things we want.

The truth of the matter is, attraction of those things we want has to be evoked. In other words, the things we want, have to want us back. The things we would like to have, have to like to have us. So, the main focus in getting something we like/ want is developing ourselves to suit that thing or, preparing ourselves for that thing. So that when that opportunity comes eventually, we are ready for it. So that when that vacant spot comes, we are the best choice because we have developed ourselves.

If we chase after something that we are not prepared for, when the opportunity is given to us to secure it, we may not be able to secure it. For example, let’s say Mr. A is looking for jobs and he puts out ads for whatever and whichever jobs or, let’s say he’s even specific and puts out an ad for plumbing but he does not know jack about the subject except the basic unclogging of a toilet. And, he gets an offer from a company for a job that requires a more advanced skill in plumbing. When he goes for the interview, he is obviously going to flunk it.

Also, if we chase after something we are not prepared for, even if we get it, we may most likely lose it or fail at it or, hurt ourselves/ other parties involved.So, before you wish for something or chase Β after a thing or even while chasing after a thing, prepare for it.

Ultimately, when you grow into yourself and bloom, you attract things well suited to & perhaps, uniquely designed for you.




honeybeewithflowerΒ Meme

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