Flowers in Bloom

Aye! It’s spring season  tada ‘Where the flowers at??? … fb204c857c64b5b4094bc142345ccb4e


Anyways, It IS spring season… at least in some parts of the world. And, in the theme of the festivities of the flowers springing forth, It is time for us to bloom.

A quick fact on the plant kingdom before we continue is that flowers, which are sometimes known as blooms/ blossoms, are the reproductive structures of plants of the division Magnoliophyta. In other words, flowers basically give rise to fruits and seeds. Another quick fact is that not all flowers are attractive. Many flowers actually evolved to become attractive or at least more attractive overtime in order to facilitate their transfer of pollen via animal vectors. Some of them also have medicinal purposes and can be used as food. In a nutshell, flowers have become beautiful as well as useful. So much so that they  (many of them) have symbolic meanings now (we’ll review some of that later).

In general, plants tell us a lot about growth and how fragile life is. And from the quick Bio101 we just had, we can learn a few things about our bloom season:

1. Flowers bloom. There is a bloom season.

We should be blooming. It is part of a growth process. Of course we are not flowers, but what I’m trying to say is, If you’re not growing then something is definitely wrong somewhere because we are meant to grow. We stop growing vertically after a while, but that doesn’t mean we are not to grow in other areas of our lives. Growth is part of the life process and aging does not always mean growing. If there are characters you would like to develop or ways you would like to shine, spread out (no pun intended) and beautify? Then, you can!


2.  I may not have said it but, flowers know when to bloom. They decide it.

Now, we have the ability to grow and become. But, you have to decide it. I have to decide it. We have to want to bloom. We have to want to spread forth. We have to want to beautify. We have to want to live.


3. Bloom season is for a reason.

Bloom season is to fulfill the purpose of the flowers – Reproduction. In our case, bloom season fulfills our purpose. It announces the uniqueness of our beauty, personality, passion, likes, loves. It announces the uniqueness of us. It makes the world not only recognise who we are, but it fulfills something in us as well. Because we all want something. We all want to become something. We all have dreams and aspirations. These things do not just announce us or show the world who we are or help others, but they somehow fulfill us as well. They somehow accomplish us. And the journey towards accomplishing them grows us. We have beauty that is useful. We all have something within us, just waiting to bloom. But unlike flowers that bloom for only a certain time, and based on favoured weather conditions, you decide not just the time for your bloom season, but the length as well.


4. Not all flowers are attractive. Many evolved to become attractive.

There is nothing wrong with having a fault or exercising a bad habit, but there is everything wrong with choosing to remain that way. There might be things you don’t want the light to shine on because of how ugly looking you think they are, but you can change them. You can improve yourself. And don’t let anybody tell you something different. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are ….. (insert the opposite of an ugly attribute you think you have). You are all of these things when you decide to be, and take steps from there. You can evolve yourself. You can become the best version of you.

(More about beauty here ).


5. Flowers are symbolic & so are you.

Flowers have become so useful that many of them are now symbolic. We all have something we stand for consciously or otherwise. When people think of us, there are definitive words that come to mind. (There IS a difference when they are saying things that aren’t true. So check if there’s some truth to whatever it is, and trust me, we all know when there’s some truth to it). When you think of yourself, there are definitive words that come to mind. That’s your symbol  right there. If you don’t like what you stand for. If you don’t like what it means to be associated with yourself, then, you can change it. Trust me, I know some horrible words people have used in association with me in the past, and I refused to be associated with those words, so I changed them. And, I’m working on a truckload right now, lol. But you get the gist. Don’t be ashamed of them. I’m not saying you shouldn’t own up to them, but don’t own them. Decide who you want to stand for and don’t give up on yourself. We all know the ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…’. Well, ‘If it broke, fix it. Don’t give up on it, and don’t throw it away!’

Most importantly, if there is something you want to change, change because you want to be better and not because you want to fit into someone else’s pre-cut image of who you should be. That’s like squeezing your feet in shoes that don’t fit or wearing someone’s ill-fitting, dirty, smelly, used clothes.



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So what do you say? Let’s bloom!

-Meme riaynanbt

  • Flower meanings gotten from
  • Cover image cited on Pinterest

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