Chasing Your Dreams: The Value of Time

We all have dreams. We all have aspirations. For some, it is more than just one dream. For others, it’s not. Something I would like to point out here before moving on is that you can be more than just one thing through out your life time, but you can’t be everything at once; multiple things, yes, but not everything.

As kids, most of us thought we could be just one thing. People would ask us “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and we would reply “I want to be the president”, or “… a doctor”, “… model”, “… actor”, “… princess”. But whatever it was, it would always be one thing. For some other kids, it was everything almost all at once.

“Sweetie, what do Β you want to be when you grow up?”

Β “I want to be a businessman and a superhero and a chef and act in the movies, and a sports medalist ANDΒ car racer and…” the list goes on and on.

The truth however, is that our lives are in stages and we don’t have to be just one thing for the rest of our lives. As such, we could be a variety of things at different stages of our lives. That aside, when we pursue everything at once we become masters of nothing and achieve nothing. In addition, we become stressed out, we are always tired but don’t get enough rest, and our relationships suffer due to our extra busy schedules. We basically burn out – I’ve tried it, it didn’t work. Looking back, you’d realise very little or nothing was achieved in all that time.

In all, we need to be mindful of our times. And, I’m talking also in the personal sense, not just the general sense. Let me explain.

We are all present in the general times; the year (currently 2016), the 21st century (at least for now), and the times of whatever political, social, technological or scientific trends, distinct advancements, turning points or era. It is general because more than one person is going through it and is in it with you. The personal sense of the word however refers to the times that applies to just you and nobody else. For example, Mark is a professional photographer between jobs at the moment, but he is alive and well. Mark is in 2016 with the rest of us, but personally, he’s going through tough times. This point/stage of his life is the rough patch that isn’t shared with the rest of us.

Backtracking to what I was saying, it is very essential that we are aware of our times, both general and personal. Because, when we are aware of the nature of the times around us as well as what is going on with us, we are able to make ample use of the situation around us to our advantage, and spot our opportunities. What I want us to understand here is this;

Not all good deals are good for you, and not all ‘bad deals’ may be bad for you. A ‘bad deal’ might be your good deal. Your opportunity.

Thus, knowing our times enables us spot our good deals, and enables us know what to pursue, jobs to take and actions to take at that time that would be profitable to us.

Time is of essence in the pursuit of our dreams, and these five tips can help with our management of it;

  • Hard work is good, but working with wisdom is better: When you work with wisdom,you avoid unnecessary stress, unnecessary sweat, and you save time. Working wisely makes things go a lot smoother and a lot easier.(Tip: When starting a business for example, or venturing into something new, it is wiser to get some tips and advice from successful individuals in that field, or people with more experience. You’d save yourself a lot of time learning those same lessons, and you’d avoid stumbling blindly, and unnecessary mistakes).


  • Things are good, but people are better: Spend your time on the things that really matter, and invest your time in building great relationships with the ones you love. In the pursuit of your dreams, don’t become too busy for the people that really matter.


  • Find out the time wasters in your life and eliminate them, or reduce the time you spend on them. Time wasters could be your devices, some activities or even people. For example, if you know going to social networks first thing when you wake up deters you from doing other things, because you end up spending hours on those sites, then discipline yourself to do what you need to do before going on the forums/ social networks. (Tip: Don’t leave any meeting undefined, except you have nothing to do. Example, if someone wants to meet with you, define how long you would be able to meet with them prior to the meeting, and the exact time. Example: ‘We can meet on Tuesday by 3pm for 30 minutes’. When the time is up, tell them you have to leave and push whatever untouched to a future defined time (except it’s an emergency of course). Most times when we leave meetings undefined, we spend more time than necessary on those things, and it’s not just with people, but with activities too e.g. web surfing)


  • Organise & Prioritise your time. It’s not all about being busy but being productive. ‘Busy’ and ‘Productive’ are two different things.


  • Thinking you always have time, or that you can do it at a later time rather than now kills a lot of dreams and plans. Whatever you can do now, do it. Try not to procrastinate. Don’t always wait for the time to be perfect before you do something because the perfect time may never come, and we are not promised the next second.(Tip: Dividing big goals into smaller daily/ weekly goals makes us less relaxed about our plans, and makes us achieve them quicker. Plus, they don’t look so massive anymore)




– β™₯ Meme

  • End Photo credit: bloglovin’; Cited on Pinterest.

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