Blank space…(s).

Good morning, Good day, Good afternoon & Good evening everyone!

I think I pretty much covered all the time zones there. Okay, so to get right into today’s topic, No.


Yeah – No, we are not talking about Taylor Swift’s blank space. For one, our topic is blank space + an s. And more importantly, we’re dealing with something pertaining to someone more important right now, you. Can you imagine how contradictory that statement would be if Taylor Swift actually read this?

Anyway, On my side of the world, It’s the 11th. Some people might be on the 10th, 9th, 11th – like me, 12th, or even possibly 13th. Having said that, we’re talking roughly about 9-13 filled spaces and about 352 – 356/ 357 blank spaces for the Β chapter of 2016. Those are a lot of blank spaces, or, blank pages rather. So, my question to you is; ‘what’s your plan for these blanks?’.

Now I’m not talking about new year resolutions but more about accomplishments, achievements or ways to level up in that ladder we talked about in diaries of a thirsty sun (minus the part where we hurt others), if that makes sense.

Google defines a resolution as; “a firm decision to do or not do something” or, “the quality of being determined or resolute”. And, a plan as; ” a set of actions that have been thought of as a way to do or achieve something”.

So, you would understand that I’m talking more about achievements here rather than being determined to achieve a thing.

I like to think of a plan as a blueprint. It’s the skeleton of your development. It’ s the framework upon which your body is built. It’s the foundation for any project.

When you have a plan, it helps guide your focus (like we said in our DIY). I know some people might say ‘what’s the point of having a plan when life can happen’. In other words, why have a plan if the unknown can happen that may most likely not be in your plan. The answer to that is this; to me, it is much better to have a direction (map/ plan) whilst navigating to a place, so that, if/ when the winds blow you off course, you can pinpoint exactly where you are and find your way back to course or, think of a better way to get to your point of destination from where you are using the map you have as a guide. This scenario is definitely better than a case where you are thrown out to sea and you let life happen from your very start. So, the winds blow your ship left, right, centre, and all around and at the end of it all, you don’t know; where you are (because you had no map/ plan), where you are going (no direction/ plan), or what you’re going to do to get back to course (because you had no pre-thought course/ plan in the first place).

This would bring us to a very important aspect of this post; the components of a plan. A plan comprises 4 major things. And, having a plan encompasses 4 major steps;

  1. The finish line – This has to do with having a goal or destination point.
  2. The starting point – Locating where you are at present with respect to where you want to go.
  3. The race – Outlining the in-between area; Outlining the steps you have to take to get from your current location (starting point) to your point of destination (finish line)
  4. The runner – The individual to carry out No.1, 2 &3; You.

The success of a plan however does not lie in the plan itself or having a plan, but in actually carrying out the steps necessary to achieving that goal. (A tip is to write down your plan/ goal and what you have to Β do to get there, preferably in a successive order, and tick them off the list as you carry them out).

When we get to the very last page, I would like for us all to be able to flip open our chapter and see meaningful words written on each page as we turn, rather than a bunch of unintelligible scribbles. We might have been scribbling in the first dozen pages, getting our pen and paper, flexing our finger muscles, and plain on just prepping! but starting now,let’s write a story with an actual plot. Life may throw in a plot twist or ten, but what’s a good book without a plot twist?


For good humour;


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