Diaries of a thirsty sun: The shades of our Human race

“The shades of our human race

vary from a loving to an angry face. 

From a sluggish to an overworked pace.

Black. White. Mocha. Vanilla. 

Strawberry. Blueberry. Yellow. Lilac.

Different hues misunderstood for different humans.

We see the differences on the outside but forget it’s all on a human face.

Not a different species or a breed from a different place.


The shades of our human race

vary from a loving to an angry face. 

Some base their hate on things as insignificant as colour or race.

Forgetting that we are all the human race. One race. 

They become so lost in the hate, they forget the ‘human’ part of their race. 

Some carry century-old hates.

As old as the pyramids – not in their day.

They misplace respect and honour for their forefathers as hate. 

They believe not hating the wrongdoers puts the sweat of their blood as waste. 

They forget or refuse to understand that the ones responsible for the act have longtime past, been put in graves.

They put the new generation in the same state…  

They refuse to understand that continuing the cycle of hate 

does nothing but seal our fate

to lifetimes of misunderstanding and blind rage

putting the treasured efforts of the past fighters to waste. 

The past was once the present. the present is a soon to be future and future past time. 

“Save the times?” Society votes “nay!”


The shades of the human race

vary from the smooth to the wrinkled face.

The times have become hypertensive with distended neck veins

all due to our past mistakes.

Man chases after the pennies, dollars, yens, pounds and dimes.

The paper is cherished and aimed for, but

“Save the trees?” The people show indifference and murmur.

Goals and achievements are centred around the possessions and the power. 

The money, the medals, the awards, the cars, the lands, the things.

Everyone strives to climb the ladder.

The goals are engraved so much in the minds

that some become blind to the fingers on the wrung they just climbed.


The shades of the human race

vary from the ancient times to the times of the new age.

Man has advanced in the technologies 

so much that man has become his creation.

The human race has become a robotic people in a robotic age


The shades of the human race

have become hues of confusion. 

The race has become a random motion.

People are moving with warped compasses with south for north.

so confused,they have fallen into identity crisis.

Strengths are perceived in the surface. No one ventures to the deep.

Now, man has become easy prey for the deceit.

The shades of the human race has become a race to quench thirsts

A race where desire is the sole proprietor of the business of our lives. 

Proprietary has taken the back seat to the proprietor.

We have become animalistic.

We try to save those animals becoming extinct, but forget to save our species.


Thankfully, the shades of the human race

is not in one pace.

There exist the true few.

The ones that know what advancement truly is.

The ones that learn to forgive.

The ones that show empathy.

The ones that give support to those almost falling off the ladder.

The ones that apologise for stepping on the fingers on the wrungs, get band aids and heal the hurt.

The ones that help the others up.

The ones that know that achievement and success is not measured by the acquired things or wealth.

The ones that know that the things we have do not follow us to the grave.

The ones that know not to lose their nature in the pursuit of their aims.

The ones that break the cycle of hate.

The ones that know how to run forward in the race,

and pass on their baton of knowledge to the next runner when they have ran their part of the race.

They have become beacons of light and hope in the impeding darkness

They our hope for the future.


The shades of the human race

are not in the colours of the face.

The shades of the human race is emotion.

The ability to feel empathy, the ability to feel and show love, the ability to contribute to our society makes us the human race.

It makes us the humane.

We’ve graced a new year, we’ve graced a new day;

The shades of the human race 

are not the colours of the face.

Let one of your achievements for the new day be saving another, because that is the only true achievement there is.

That is the legacy you leave behind.

Be the human face that depicts the human race.

Be the new sun ray to the thirsty sun.

Bring to life, the dying shades of the human race.”


Diaries of a thirsty sun; The shades of our human race

Eloho Branch


  • Cover photo from cryingbritney.tumblr.com




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  • Embedded song: Just in case by Gregory Cox.







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