Lamentation fix: The gratitude challenge

Hi! Meme here (Of course).

It’s 1 more day to New year’s *whoop whoop* and as the year comes to an end, some of us might conduct an evaluation of how our year went and realise that we; accomplished a lot or, that we weren’t able to do all the things we planned, or didn’t grow as fast as we thought we should by now. Or, we might reminisce on that relationship of years, months or even weeks that we thought was going to be it but ended up as an echo of the past. We might begin to think of that time invested as wasted, never to be regained. The possibilities of the bad things or perceived failures we might have  had this year is endless. At least for me because I don’t know every single person reading this and their life story.

But the point is, if we let those bad memories taint our minds,  they inadvertently overshadow the good. All of a sudden, because of these unfortunate events that might have lasted a day or a week or a few months or an hour, minute or second, we had a bad year!

Talking about this brings my 2007 to mind when I lost my grandmother and my uncle but got my twin brothers. My grandmother’s and uncle’s passing and within a few months of each other threatened to taint the good that was the delivery of my brothers. I would always think of them and cry or regret the things I shouldn’t have said or done or the things I should have, all the while forgetting the two beaus sleeping in their cribs. To sum it up, that year was bittersweet. I guess what I’m trying to say is when we spend our present time dwelling on the mistakes or bad events of the past, we are ultimately preparing another sad past because the time we have at present is going to become the past in just a matter of minutes.

Just like in the movies where good always wins and the truth always prevails and the likes, your life is your action movie and guess what? you are the director and lead actor/actress. And, your lead role could be that of the villain who ruins the protagonist (which is you as well) or the hero(ine) who saves the day. So, in very informal lingo, you’re all over this baby called your life. Thus, letting the bad overshadow the goodness of the good – yes, I said goodness of the good – means letting the bad guys score touchdowns which messes up your script and puts a dent in the universal good-over-evil theme.

And let’s face it, sometimes those bad things are the things that make us grow. They teach us patience, strength, willpower, and even if they teach us nothing  else, they teach us to appreciate the good. A plant can’t grow with all sunshine. It needs rain too. Let’s not even talk about the fact that if we were to look at some other scripts, we’d run for the hills shoes-in-hand and realise the fairytale-ness (Yes, fairytaleness is a word I invented two seconds ago) of our situation compared to what we would deem horror stories. Having said that, I challenge you to look at your year with an attitude of gratitude.

I’ll say the same thing I told a friend that gave me this challenge some months back;

I am grateful for life with all its curveballs and unsuspecting terrains.

I am grateful for who God is because he’s my source of strength so I’m glad he has all my needs in spades.

I am grateful for my family and friends. 

I am grateful for the people that hate that  don’t even know they make me better.

I am grateful Jesus suffered and conquered, it makes me feel I’m not alone and that I can pull through because he pulled through. I serve no sissy God… :j

I am grateful for battles won and those lost; I learnt something from every one of them.

I am grateful for the things that were and the time that was. The scars I bear from them no longer represent pain, shame and ugliness, but a beautiful uniqueness that reminds me of where I’m coming from and the things it has taken me to get to where I am.

I am grateful for the things that are because they are not as sufferable, thanks to the training from the past. And, the time that is, because it’s my only chance to build my future.

I am grateful for the things to come and the time to be. The light I see at the end of the tunnel feeds my hope, faith and love.

I am grateful for everything because somehow, everything is worth being grateful for


So what are you grateful for?






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