The Echo effect. with Laila #Neffyfrofro

Good day everyone!

Today, sharing with us one of her laila’s pieces is youtuber; Laila a.k.a Neffyfrofro. So today’s topic as we can see from the title is; The echo effect. Truth be told though, I was torn between naming this post ‘the echo effect’, or, ‘Are you a person of influence?’ but decided on the former only because I didn’t want the title to be very long.

Anyway, before I hand over the reins to Laila, I’m just going to chip in a little bit of info. I want you to think of the world as a mega spiderweb. We all have cords connecting one to another. All associations and relationships we have are cords originating from us and spreading out to touch the people involved and vice versa. The friends we have have friends of their own that have friends of their own as well. Sometimes, we know friends of our friends and in like manner, sometimes, they know us even if we do not know them. Also, in terms of family, each person has a relative that has a relative no matter how distant or near, and through marriages and friendships, we are connected to someone else, and someone else to us. When we imagine the entire world like that, we realise that the map will look like a mega spiderweb with cords from Africa to the Americas to Australia to Asia to Antarctica and Europe and back, and sideways, and across, and any which way. Basically.

Due to these connections, we influence someone one way or the other. Or we should anyway. We even get influenced by people we don’t really know. An example is; You have decided to buy a pair of denims, but haven’t decided the exact style you want. You app surf till you get to instagram and stumble on a picture of someone (you don’t know this person) in ripped jeans that you totally fall in love with. Now your mind is made up.You want those jeans. Probably in a different colour, but those ones all the same. I know I just made an illustration with something that’s not of utmost importance but the truth is, that’s how it goes for the important stuff. The things we say, or post online, or do, or the way we act is molding or breaking, encouraging or discouraging, healing or hurting someone that we know or don’t even know. In a way it’s like a ripple or an echo.

So when Laila says ‘Are you a person of influence?’ I believe she is really referring to the weight of it, i.e. ‘How much of an impact do you really make?’ and ‘What kind of impact do you make?’. Handing reins over now…




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