Pick me up: Pretty Pretty Pretty…

Hey everyone!

You know when you get out of bed all tired and just need a pick me up, so you grab a coffee shot? Yeah, that is exactly what this is. A pick me up. This is a pick me up.

Okay, so to get right into it, in case no one has told you recently, I want to tell you what you may or may not believe; ‘You are pretty. You are handsome’, and I know this because I have cameras watching you, lol, no. Β I know this because being pretty or handsome or amazing doesn’t come from how large or small the numbers are on the scale, or the pretty clothes, or nice hair or handsome face. Being beautiful, being handsome, being frigging amazing! goes beyond the outward. It comes more from the person within. It comes from your strength. It comes from accepting who you are acne, kilos, messy hair, (insert what you see as a flaw or see as not fitting in) and all, and believing that in as much as you have these things you need to work on, in as much as you may not be where you would like to be, there is something you recognise on the inside as amazing, beautiful, handsome, pretty. Now, you may not be able to see these things as amazing or beautiful or pretty because the ‘world’ does not recognise it as such, thus, you have a wrong perception about what is pretty and what is not. And that’s my cue to tell you ‘You are beautiful/ handsome, mind-blowing amazing!’. And you know what? Everyone is too, though differently than you.

Yes, I said it. EveryoneΒ is beautiful. Everyone is beautiful because beauty manifests in different forms, and our failure to recognise it for what it is in ourselves or others Β doesn’t mean it’s not there. I saw a photo of a really tall girl on instagram, and I commented on how much I loved her height because it permeated so much beauty. Some people have beautiful eyes, beautiful skin, beautiful hands – hands that pick up skills easily or are so fluid in movement, it’s just beautiful. Some people have beautiful minds, beautiful smiles, beautiful hair, beautiful courage, beautiful personalities, and some have such a carefree attitude, free of worries, that when you look at them, I mean really look, you see the beauty in it. Some have beautiful strength. Strength drawn from so much pain that could break others, but not them. Others have scars. Signs of the battles fought, signs of past victories and probably defeats, but not destruction, because there they are. Alive and present, at the end of the day, their being here, their being present, their moving on irrespective of the wounds, a sign of their ultimate win. Those scars are beautiful.

Beauty takes many forms and attributes, so much so, that we never could have them all. Else, how would the admiration for others sprout in us? Else, how would we appreciate the beauty they possess that we don’t? Else, how would we appreciate the uncommon? Else, what would be our uniqueness? We are all different and unique, no two created like the other, and in like manner, we all have different attributes of beauty. Now, if we all had all the different forms of beauty, we would all be the same.

Therefore, the mare rarity of a form of beauty in us that we discover in others is akin to finding a treasure. It’s like how you can only appreciate light in the midst of darkness.

You are pretty. You are beautiful. You are amazing. There is a configuration of different forms of beauty in you that is different from the configuration in others. You are uniquely beautiful, and everyone else is too, though differently than you. So learn to appreciate that beauty that is in them that isn’t in you.

Action point: The action point can be seen as homework for the rest of the week. Not all posts have action points, but the action points for this post are;

  1. Be attentive to the people around you. Take a step back and keep an eye out for the beauties they are.
  2. Compliment people: When you see something good in a person or something you appreciate, don’t keep it to yourself, speak out and tell them
  3. Appreciate you. Compliment yourself. Learn to love yourself and appreciate the beauty in you. If you can love yourself then you can show love to others. You are the only edition that was made, even if you are an identical twin to someone else. Your looking like them doesn’t mean your being them.


If you made it this far, your reward is an amazing pick me up song from Jasper Sawyer. Enjoy! πŸ™‚



You are your own special kind of spice. And everyone one else is too. Appreciate your taste and the flavorful world around you. The souls you see are the only ones walking the planet…don’t misuse the opportunity.



  • Image from Pinterest
  • You can find Jasper Sawyer on his youtube channel;Β https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX8s2OrerJcNUDuPDSgX-dg

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